What if? Pokemon suggestion #1?

First off, copyright, trademark. Wait… sm? Wait, you can give things tags? I don’t technology good. Oh, that viewer that isn’t me that i don’t have yet wants to know what I think should be part of the next Pokemon generation? okay.

Well first off, there are no poison type legendary Pokemon.That means there needs to be one. I for one think of bugs when I think of poison. So poison and bug? I’m thinking of a scorpion, so the poison, and a centipede, the main structure. So its ability is poison point, so it needs horns. It also should be purple, because, Poison.

So it should look like this:


I think that is a pretty good start.

What if? Pokemon suggestion #1?

The not so ultimate doubles Pokemon team

Oh, so that viewer I still don’t have wants to know the ultimate doubles Pokemon team? I mean, I could just copy and paste that, but, how about this.


Nature: naive

Train in attack (252) and speed (252)

Ability: poison point

Moves: toxic spikes, waterfall, poison jab, thunder wave


Nature: naughty

Train in attack (252) and speed (252)

Item: eject button

Ability: drizzle

Moves: hydro pump, ice beam, hidden power grass, scald

Just so you know these first two are supposed to be together, i’ll have to explain this. I originally just wanted to be able to fit Qwilfish in a team that wont suffer because of it. I found out that i could just max out its speed, put with another Pokemon that has the ability drizzle, make it naive, and it could have an almost 600 speed stat. At this point it is almost guaranteed that you can set up toxic spikes, and possibly try to take advantage of weakness. The only other function Politoed has in this situation is to catch your opponent off guard when they don’t know that they are weak to your moves. The use for the eject button of course is to make sure Politoed isn’t in too long, because Politoed can actually be made into a real threat in a certain situation, which does not include this one. Also, to function well Qwilfish needs the extra speed, so Politoed needs to last.


Nature: hasty

Train in attack (252) and speed (252)

Item: Heracronite

Ability: moxie (only needed if you don’t plan on using the Heracronite)

Moves: Bullet seed, arm thrust, pin missile, rock blast

Ah yes, the indirect inspiration maybe of Pokemon. why did i just say that random sentence?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNMYtZs4aD0  That will make it make more sense. oh yeah, and if you want more info on my take of Heracross, check out the last article. Also, in this specific team Heracross should really only be used in late game situations.


nature: lax

Train in defense (252) and hp (252)

Ability: sturdy

Item: rocky helmet/ Leftovers

Moves:  earthquake, heavy slam, rock slide, stealth rock


Nature: naughty

Train in defense (252) and attack (252)

Ability: infiltrator

Item: none

Moves: acrobatics, dragon pulse, flame thrower, hurricane

With this move set Noivern should be used with Steelix or Politoed so Steelix can use earthquake or Noivern’s hurricane can be accurate.


Nature: lax

Train in defense (252) and in hp (252)

Ability: thick fat

Item: chesto berry

Moves: body slam, rest, sleep talk, flame thrower

Every time I do one of these things I realize a way I can make them better, and this time it was major.


The not so ultimate doubles Pokemon team


Oh, that viewer that I don’t have yet said that they want Pokemon strategy to read? Ok, I guess I can do that.

unique strategy for: Heracross

To try and make the least heard of yet still effective set, I made this.

Pokemon: Heracross

start with a naive one, and train it in attack (252) and speed (252). Give it a heracronite to hold, and make sure to use it every battle.

teach it rock blast, bullet seed, pin missile, and arm thrust.

being one of the strongest in attack in the game, Heracross can be an absolute tank. The new ability that Heracross gets when mega allows every multiple hit move to hit the maximum amount of times. I used this to my advantage, so now a larger population is

weak to your moves and can be possibly be one hit KOed.



Who wants a good blog to learn competitive Pokemon strategy from? “Whatever, I’m fine on my own with my krabby, it knows guillotine, guillotine has like, 30% accuracy, it’s pretty good.” You might say. That was me, about five minutes ago. By the way this probably isn’t that good blog you’re looking for, yet.

What’s that, you actually want to read some Pokemon strategy? Oh yeah, I should probably get to that, in the next article.